Noise-cancelling hat

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Main characteristics of the anti-noise hat:

  • New generation connected noise-cancelling hat: Bluetooth 5.3
  • No pressure on the temples or head circumference
  • Optimal comfort: Soft, stretchy headband that provides warmth for winter
  • High performance hearing protection: Active sound input
  • Battery life: +10h
  • Pink color

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    Immerse yourself in silence with our revolutionary anti-noise hat, available exclusively at this price on Sans Un Bruit ! Designed to provide cutting-edge hearing protection while ensuring optimal comfort, our earmuff is the essential accessory for everyday peace of mind.


    1. Advanced Noise Reduction Technology: Enjoy superior sound insulation with our beanie featuring the latest Bluetooth active sound input technology, allowing you to relax with complete peace of mind.

    2. Premium Materials: Made with lightweight, breathable materials, our beanie offers a soft, comfortable fit while providing effective protection against unwanted noise.

    3. Versatility of use: Whether you are traveling, taking a walk or simply at home, our noise-cancelling cap adapts to all situations, offering you an oasis of serenity wherever you are.

    4. Modern and elegant feminine design: Combining functionality and aesthetics, our noise-cancelling cap features a modern design, allowing you to stay trendy while preserving your hearing well-being.

    5. Adjustable and portable: Easy to adjust to your preferences, our hat folds easily for convenient transport, accompanying you wherever you go.

    Why choose our noise-cancelling hat?

    • Quality Commitment: We are committed to providing you with a durable, high-performance earmuff for long-term satisfaction.

    • Dedicated customer service: Our team is available to answer all your questions and ensure an optimal shopping experience.