Anti-Noise Shooting Headphones

Opt for hearing protection specialized in preventing the sound of gunshots

Are you looking for acoustic protection against the noise of detonations? Then discover the Sans un Bruit catalog. Dozens of noise-cancelling headphones specially designed for sports shooting await you there. Whatever your expectations, you will inevitably find the headset that meets your desires. Ideal for shooting, they are very appreciated by fans of shooting ranges , ball traps and even hunters . You can also take a look at our stock of noise-cancelling headphones for hunting , a wide range of protection awaits you.


Our noise-canceling headsets for sports shooting, hunting or ball trap, ideal models with many advantages for all shooters

Our different models consist of two categories. First there are passive hearing headsets which offer hearing protection against noise pollution due to detonations which can damage your hearing because of their decibels. Then, you will also find in our product catalog so-called “active” models, that is to say which allow sound input through the headphones placed at each end. They are generally a preferred choice for shooters because some have a bluetooth function .

Here are the different characteristics of our range of noise canceling headphones for shooting :

  • High performance hearing protection (sound reduction between 22dB and 35dB NRR)
  • Ultra-responsive attenuation of detonation noise to protect the shooter's eardrums and hearing from firearm noise other than with simple earplugs
  • Compatibility with your mobile phone , connection via Bluetooth or universal jack cable
  • Unique comfort thanks to protective memory foam ear cushions and padded headband with adjustable size
  • A wide variety of different helmet models (3M peltor brand, etc.), with various functionalities (foldable so as not to take up space, etc.)
  • Models supplied with glasses or visors
  • Low prices for optimal quality of manufacturing materials, perfect details and finishes

Treat yourself to a shooting helmet and benefit from home delivery

More than just designer accessories, our headsets are little technological gems that are essential for your ears when practicing a shooting activity . Indeed, if you do not wear a headset, you may develop hearing problems as a result of listening to the noise caused by firearms for too long . Our product category offers you military helmets which can also be used by law enforcement as protection. These shooting accessories are much more effective than simple noise canceling earplugs in protecting your hearing. This is the product you need. Place an order for noise canceling headphones on our website now and benefit from free delivery throughout France as well as our customer service and support.