Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones

Bluetooth headphones, the essential accessory to cut off outside noise, listen to your music or make phone calls

Discover our collection of electronic noise canceling headphones and choose from a wide range of models. It brings together electronic headsets wireless with Bluetooth functionality allowing you to connect them to your phone to listen to music, radio or make calls even during an activity. They offer a ear protection class-leading (noise reduction rating between 22dB and 35dB NRR) while therefore also allowing you additional active sound input.


The advantages of our noise-cancelling headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 functionality

The comfort of wearing a Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones make it one of the best ranges of this type of product on the entire French market. Indeed, thanks to the protective memory foam pads present on all of our models, you can easily wear them all day long without feeling excessive discomfort such as strong pressure on the temples. In addition, our collection is regularly updated, so come take a look as often as you like. Here is a summary of the main characteristics of our helmets :

  • Unfailing wearing comfort thanks to their memory foam earphones and protective pads as well as the padded headband which allow long-term use without inconvenience
  • Ease of use as well as practicality thanks to the Bluetooth wireless connection and the radio or walkie talkie functionality
  • Long battery life so you can charge it just once a day or week
  • Optimal reduction of noise and the danger of noise pollution (22dB to 35dB NRR)
  • An affordable price, and one of the best quality/price ratios on the French market despite the presence of products from the best brands (Peltor 3M, etc.)

Thanks to their different characteristics, our Bluetooth headsets are very diverse . You can therefore be sure to find the model that meets your desires and expectations.

Have your hearing protection headphones delivered directly to your home - 100% Free

Make a purchase of noise canceling headphones has never been simple thanks to our refined and well-filled product catalog. Treat yourself by treating yourself to one of the models Without a Sound at the best price ! If you want to find the one that corresponds to your favorite activities ( sport shooting or hunting to limit the noise of gunshots, work or construction site , open space study or teleworking ) you can also go to our other hearing protection collections . Visit our page dedicated to electronic noise canceling headphones which contains models also compatible for connection to the telephone via jack cable. These are simply so-called “active” models, which means that they have a sound jack for broadcasting music or telephone conversations. It's much better than simple earplugs!

So choose from several hundred models and place your order. Then take advantage of our customer service and our Money Back Guarantee program!