Child Noise Canceling Headphones

Children's headphones, essential hearing protection for the good health of the little ones' ears

Do you want to protect your child's hearing ? Adopt hearing protection from Sans un Noise . We have several dozen models with adjustable size headbands to adapt to your child's body shape . Our noise-cancelling headphones have several features and technologies that perfectly meet everyone's needs. Whether your son or daughter has hyperacusis or simply needs some peace and quiet to do their homework, you're sure to find the right noise-canceling headphones for them. Our collection includes dozens of headphones in all colors and at all prices. So, offer the best to your children by finding what suits them best.


Discover the advantages and main characteristics of our range of noise canceling headphones for children

Here are the main characteristics of our noise-canceling headphones for children :

  • They have an adjustable headband and foam pads to place on the ears to adapt to each person's body shape.
  • They have sound input functions , via jack or Bluetooth cable, so you always stay connected
  • They reduce noise pollution and external noise thanks to their double anti-resonance shell technology which offers noise reduction and attenuation of high and low frequencies
  • They are equipped with very comfortable foam cushions which are also memory foam.
  • They are very reasonably priced thanks to our large stock in order to offer your children the best quality without inconvenience.
  • Delivery is free so as not to add unnecessary costs to your basket

Noise protection headphones, yes. But for what purposes?

Offer the best to your son or daughter to allow them to learn their lessons in complete peace of mind. Our category of noise canceling headphones for children is delivered free of charge throughout France. Take advantage of it, and also discover our collection of noise-canceling headphones for babies which contains a wide range of models suitable for even little ones! These are products that are suitable for all activities. Whether for sleep, for school, learning lessons, homework, offer calm to your children by cutting them off from surrounding noise in order to concentrate better. Maison Sans un Bruit is committed to guaranteeing you the best quality for your purchase . We update our product category every week. Come regularly to take a look at our website to discover our new products. Noise-canceling headphones for kids added every time, or new blog posts featuring our models. Also benefit from free delivery and order now from our online store!