Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Opt for active noise-cancelling headphones, an electronic model that allows you to make phone calls and listen to your music

Opt for a very special active noise canceling headset by discovering the models in our active headset collection. It includes headsets with Bluetooth function or universal jack connectivity . These models allow you to listen to your favorite music or stay connected with your loved ones even during an activity that requires wearing headphones. In addition to this active function, they also offer high quality hearing protection , oscillating between 22dB NRR and 35dB SNR. Coupled with optimal wearing comfort, they have everything to bring you the well-being you seek and to please you!


Headphones with high-tech features, from sound reduction to the Bluetooth 5.0 option

If you want to take advantage of our catalog of inexpensive products, you can also go to our Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones category page to discover similar headphones. But before that, let's first discover the qualities that make our active headset models the best on the French market :

  • Connectivity with your phone thanks to their bluetooth function , walkie talkie or a jack cable to stay connected with the rest of the world
  • Unique helmet wearing comfort thanks to foam pads with “shape memory” technology
  • First-class noise reduction (between 22dB and 35dB NRR) for optimal acoustic protection
  • A wide choice of ranges (neckband, headband with adjustable size, speaker, etc.) and different brands (3M Peltor, etc.)

Choose the product that best meets your expectations based on their functional features or even their different designs. Among our dozens of active noise-cancelling headphones , you're bound to find the one that's right for your favorite activities. Whether you want to use it for studying at home or on public transport, or for outdoor activities such as construction site (to protect against the noise of the jackhammer, etc.), shooting or hunting , there is everything you want at the best price in the Sans un Bruit catalog. You will definitely find the active noise canceling headphones or hearing protection that suits you, and at the best price! To receive our product promotions in advance, enter your email address on our website to subscribe to our newsletter. You will also benefit from top quality customer service!