Construction Site Noise Canceling Headphones

Sans un Bruit, the website that offers the best noise-canceling headphones for the construction site

Do you need to buy noise-canceling headphones for the construction site as part of your work or for your work at home? So choose Maison Sans un Noise for effective hearing protection ! Our collection that you see above offers several dozen top-quality models at low prices. All of them have different functions, technologies or designs. This is particularly the case with our bluetooth headsets for the construction site which allow you to listen to your favorite songs during your manual work.


Headsets with unusual benefits and features, such as Bluetooth functionality

Whether you are a mason, carpenter, cabinetmaker or tiler, you may need headphones to reduce noise pollution that could harm your hearing. This is also the case for Sunday manual workers who need to carry out work or DIY at home. We invite you to discover the health benefits of our helmets, protect yourself before your health is affected! Here are their main characteristics:

  • Exceptional comfort thanks to the adjustable headband and foam pads which allow comfortable wearing even during long use during a day on the construction site
  • Up-to-date technology, from wireless Bluetooth, FM radio or walkie talkie to premium hearing protection
  • A reduction in harmful external sounds to protect your ears and hearing from the harm of loud sounds
  • High-performance, globally recognized brands like 3M Peltor, etc.

The advantages of ordering from Sans un Noit

In order to meet the wishes of Sans un Bruit customers, our noise-cancelling headphones are delivered free of charge in France. We have numerous collections which all have the common point of providing you with good quality acoustic protection , much more efficient than simple earplugs. This is particularly the case for our adult noise-cancelling headphones , which offer models adapted to the body shape of people aged 15 to 77, as well as real hearing protection for firearms enthusiasts. If you want to find the ideal model, we invite you to start by looking for it here. You can then place an order by going to the product of your choice . Also take advantage of our promotions and price reductions by registering your email in our newsletter.