Adult Anti-Noise Headphones

Protect your hearing against noise pollution at home, at work or during leisure activities with noise-canceling headphones

You wish protect your hearing against external aggression? So discover our Noise canceling headphones for adults . Our collection includes several dozen models specially designed for your size. Some even have a adjustable headband in length to allow you to adapt it to your body shape. Here you will find everything you are looking for for your daily activities, whether for manual work , telecommuting , sports shooting or the construction site .


We also invite students to join our catalog of noise-canceling headphones for students , to find all the models of acoustic protection made for office work. All our helmets have different product functions, whether in terms of reduction of high intensity sound and noise attenuation , or sound input technologies such as Bluetooth functionality For example. So you have the choice among many sound headsets different, from the best to the simplest, and depending on the price at which you want to buy it. Enter your email address at the bottom of our website to access our weekly newsletter.

Hundreds of models of tailor-made hearing protection headphones against noise. Products for adults delivered directly to your home

In order to meet your expectations as it should, we offer free delivery throughout mainland France. So, have it delivered directly to your home without needing to travel. Say goodbye to noise which spoil your daily work or your well-being during your favorite activities!

Our Noise canceling headphones for adults have different characteristics:

  • A technology of optimal sound reduction thanks to a double protective shell which reduces the feeling of vibrations and echoes for effective protection of the hearing system against external noise (between 22dB SNR and 35dB SNR)

  • Of the sound input features different, whether it is bluetooth or sound pickup via jack cable, including basic passive models for increased noise reduction

  • Of the size-adjustable and padded headbands as well as protective memory foam ear cups for optimal comfort, as well as featherweight products to alleviate the load on the temples

  • Qualitative and varied brands (3m Peltor, etc.)