Passive Noise Canceling Headphones

Opt for headphones without sound input to find peace

Discover our collection of passive noise-canceling headphones . Choose from several dozen models, the particularity of which is that they do not have a sound input. This is essential for those of us who want to protect ourselves from noise pollution without drowning it out with music. Our audio headsets feature dual-shell technology which actively reduces external sounds such as high and low frequencies and resonances. Some are equipped with a headband with an adjustable size to adapt to each person's body shape. They are used for many activities such as sports shooting, hunting, work, construction sites, or even for sleep. They provide premium hearing protection while being wireless and affordable. These are the least expensive noise-canceling headphones in our product catalog, so treat yourself!


The characteristics of our passive noise-cancelling headphones, hearing protection for young and old

Here are the main features of our product catalog:

  • Premium comfort thanks to a padded headband and protective memory foam ear cushions
  • High performance sound reduction , oscillating between 22dB and 35dB NRR for perfect attenuation of noise pollution
  • Unique and very varied designs to offer you a wide range of passive noise-cancelling headphones, including models for children and babies.
  • The best French and foreign brands (3M Peltor, MPOW...)

The advantages of the Sans un Noise online store

Have your order delivered directly to your home, taking advantage of our free delivery throughout mainland France . You can also go to our main collection of acoustic protection, the “noise-canceling headphones ” collection which brings together all the products present on the Sans un Bruit online store. So, among all our different models, you are sure to find the one that suits your needs. This is particularly the case if you are looking for active headphones, that is to say an electronic model which has an active sound input. Purchase a pair of passive noise canceling headphones on our website and say goodbye to noise pollution, much more easily than with simple earplugs. Also take advantage of our newsletter to receive our best offers by email!