Extra Flat Noise Canceling Headphones

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Main features of the extra flat active noise canceling headphones:

  • Memory foam pads for comfortable, long-term use during your hunting trips or sports shooting sessions
  • High-performance 22dB NRR protection, ultra-responsive detonation attenuation
  • Active noise-canceling headphones: Ideal for staying connected, listening to music and making calls
  • Robust: Stainless steel headband (padded)
  • Black color

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Follow your instinct as a shooter and hunter by discovering our extra-flat noise-canceling headphones . This is an electronic headset with sound input functionality. No more monotony of solo hunting trips, you can now listen to your music! The sound reduction capacity of this model is 22dB NRR , which is more than enough to cover the noise of detonations. Take advantage now of free delivery throughout mainland France by ordering our new helmet!

Our noise-canceling headphone jack protects your eardrums from sound threats while allowing you to listen to your music quietly. The same proposal can be found on our active noise canceling headphones page as well as on our page bringing together all of our noise canceling headphones .