Discreet Noise Canceling Headphones

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Main features of our discreet noise-canceling headphones:

  • Low pressure on the temple, comfortable extended wear thanks to memory foam ear cushions
  • Dual shell technology: maximum attenuation of high and low frequency sounds
  • Electronic noise-canceling headphones, supplied with connection cable
  • High performance hearing protection: Up to 82dB
  • Grey color

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Discover the “camouflage” sound headset , a discreet model which is intended to be used during your shooting sessions or your hunting trips . Featuring anti-resonance and anti-detonation technology, it helps protect your hearing against the sound of gunshots. Despite being designed primarily for this purpose, our discreet noise-canceling headphones can also be used for many other activities. Its unique design will please you every time you wear it!

To buy a less discreet but equally valuable model, opt for our noise-canceling headphones with camouflage dedicated to shooters and hunters. It will provide you with real sound reduction and thus protect against the noise of detonations. These are noise canceling headphones for adults with sound input. This audio headset has many advantages that we will let you discover!