Noise Canceling Headphones For The Night

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Main features of the noise canceling headphones for the night:

  • New generation noise-canceling headband: Bluetooth 5.0
  • No pressure on the temples or head circumference
  • Optimal comfort: Soft and stretchy headband
  • High performance hearing protection: Active sound input
  • Battery life: 10h
  • Grey color

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Fall asleep peacefully with our noise-cancelling headband for sleep . This is a model appreciated for its great comfort as well as the feeling of protection it provides. Indeed, although it reduces external noise and other noise pollution , our hearing headphones are also ideal for those who want to stay warm. It is therefore favored by many athletes who, for example, like to run outdoors. These noise-canceling headphones are therefore just as well made for the bedroom as for jogging!

Find your ideal noise canceling headphones for sleeping by choosing from more than a hundred models with various functions and colors. Start by discovering our collection of noise canceling headphones for adults available in our complete catalog which you can view:click here .