Bluetooth Radio Noise Canceling Headphones

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Main features of the bluetooth radio noise canceling headset:

  • Bluetooth connection for call answering and music listening
  • Low pressure on the temple, ideal for prolonged use
  • LCD display for easy tuning of the radio
  • Padded headband: Thick foam for comfort optimal
  • High performance protection: NRR 29dB
  • Battery life: +30h
  • Color: Blue & Black

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Opt for an active type noise-cancelling headset , that is to say an electronic model compatible with Bluetooth use. It completely attenuates the various noise nuisances that you may experience, which could affect your hearing . Thanks to its premium quality manufacturing materials, its use is not only reserved for indoors, it is also highly recommended for outdoor activities. So, our bluetooth radio noise-canceling headphones will accompany you whatever you do, in all circumstances!

Do you want to use your headphones to sleep or play sports? You should therefore consider a much more comfortable product! This is the case of our new Bluetooth Anti-Noise Headband , a model with unrivaled softness and comfort. It is present in our catalog of bluetooth noise-canceling headphones as well as our main collection ofnoise-canceling headphones .