Construction Site Hearing Protection Helmet

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The package contains the construction helmet and its hearing protection.

Safety helmet features:

  • Clips for attaching hearing protection
  • Supplied with its protective visor
  • Ideal for the construction site
  • Material: ABS
  • Black color

Hearing protection features:

  • Memory foam cushions providing optimal comfort
  • High performance hearing protection: SNR 26dB
  • Easy attachment to the construction helmet
  • Black color

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Treat yourself to the latest model in our range of construction site helmets. This is a safety helmet and its hearing protection which preserves your health despite the noise of the work. It is ideal for the construction site due to its great noise reduction capacity . You can order it and the Sans un Bruit store will ship it to you within the following days. Have it delivered directly to your home... and for free!

The construction helmet with noise-canceling headphones protects you from all the dangers present in the field. We offer the same result with all our construction site noise-cancelling headphones . To become aware of our expertise, we invite you to discover all our noise-cancelling headphones .