Anti-Noise Headphones 3 Years

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Main features of the child's noise-canceling headphones:

  • Suitable for children aged 2 to 12
  • Low pressure on the temple thanks to memory foam ear cushions
  • High performance 25dB SNR protection
  • Size-adjustable padded headband
  • Yellow color

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Choose quality for your child with our noise-canceling headphones adapted to the body shape of children aged 2 to 12. This is a model with a flexible size headband, ideal for adapting to everyone's body shape. It has an ideal sound reduction capacity, 25dB on the NRR scale . Coupled with the great comfort provided by its memory foam cushions placed on its two headphones, it is very appreciated by children as well as their parents. It is ideal for all kinds of activities, such as studying, reading, sleeping or even various outdoor activities.

Ideal for a child of this age, our 4-year-old noise-canceling headphones are essential so that your child's hearing is not reduced when he or she becomes an adult. It's the same promise we offer with our entire set of noise-canceling headphones for children . Currently, it is also possible to explore our range of noise-cancelling headphones .