Noise Canceling Headphones for School

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Main features of the noise canceling headphones for school:

  • Suitable for children aged 2 to 12
  • Memory foam cushions providing optimal comfort
  • Double anti-resonance shell technology: Ultra-responsive attenuation of external sounds
  • High performance protection SNR 34dB
  • Heavy-duty adjustable padded headband
  • Weight: 349g
  • Black color

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Does your child need calm to read and learn ? So offer him quality noise-canceling headphones specially designed for him. Thanks to its adjustable headband, our hearing headset can adapt to all body shapes. It is therefore ideal for accompanying your child to school during their growth, from age 4 to age 12. Offer him a little rest and calm by giving him the opportunity to protect himself from noise pollution which can prevent his schooling from going smoothly.

Ourmini noise-canceling headphones are essential for children to concentrate and reach their full potential. We offer many other devices of this type with ournoise-canceling headphones for children as well as with all our noise-canceling headphones .