Noise Canceling Headphones For Class

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Main features of the child's noise-canceling headphones:

  • Suitable for children aged 2 to 12
  • Low pressure on the temple thanks to memory foam ear cushions
  • High performance protection: NRR 32dB
  • Size-adjustable padded headband
  • Blue color

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Choose quality and low price by discovering our noise-canceling headphones for school . It is ideal to be worn for long hours as it offers few nuisances such as pressure on the temples. He will be able to support your child in his school class and during his growth. In fact, it is equipped with a headband whose size you can easily adjust. This is therefore a purchase that will follow you for many years!

Thanks to its original design, our white noise-canceling headphones will occupy an important place in your child's heart . He is also likely to really appreciate our other noise-cancelling headphones for children . As for you, we hope to seduce you with our complete collection of noise-cancelling headphones .