Noise Canceling Headphones For Children

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Main features of the child's noise-canceling headphones:

  • Suitable for children aged 4 to 12
  • Comfortable wearing of the headset thanks to the memory foam ear cushions, even during long-term use
  • High performance protection: NRR 26dB
  • Sound attenuator: designed for use even in extremely noisy environments
  • Pink color
  • Pattern: Unicorn

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Opt for premium noise-cancelling headphones for your toddler. Ideal for children aged 10, 4 or 12 , its adjustable size headband will allow you to adapt it to your daughter's body shape. These headphones are perfect for indoor use during activities such as reading, schoolwork, or even sleeping. Its special design is suitable for all little girls who will love wearing it, whatever their tastes.

Do you need concentration? Then discover our noise-canceling headphones without music . This is a passive headset model, that is, it does not have bluetooth functionality or wired connection. It helps you keep calm whatever activity you are doing. Click here to discover our complete product catalog: noise canceling headphones .