Comfortable Anti-Noise Headband

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Main features of our comfortable noise-canceling headphones:

  • Bluetooth connection for music listening
  • Composition: 95% Cotton / 5% Polyester
  • Comfortable headband without pressure on the temples
  • High performance hearing protection: Active sound input
  • Color: Black & Blue

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Want to rest in peace? Discover our new comfortable noise-canceling headphones , a model specially designed for its softness and unrestricted wearing. You can sleep all night with your headband on your head without having any pressure on your temples. Its lightness also combines with the practical side of this electronic headset . You can fall asleep peacefully thanks to its optimal comfort . All this for a very reduced price which makes our noise-canceling headphones one of the perfect models to buy in this year 2022!

Our noise-canceling night headphones are ideal for anyone who can no longer bear to have bad nights due to noise from the outside world. You can also find what you're looking for in our vast collection of noise-cancelling sleep headphones . At Sans un Bruit, we are the experts in noise-canceling headphones .