Tactical Noise Canceling Headphones

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Key Features of Tactical Shooting Noise Canceling Headset:

  • Comfortable fit thanks to memory foam pads, low pressure on the temples
  • High performance 22dB NRR protection, ultra-responsive detonation attenuation
  • Electronic noise-canceling headphones, auxiliary jack cable compatibility
  • Color: Black & Military

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Opt for the “tactical” noise-cancelling headset, designed for all shooters, whether inexperienced or seasoned. The foam and memory foam ear cushions give you a pleasant feeling that relieves pressure when wearing the helmet for long periods of time. Ideal for not feeling any compression around your head. This is essential for long-term use for all shooting or hunting weapons .

Don't wait any longer to acquire our sound shooting headset . The more time you spend shooting without noise-canceling shooting headphones , the more your hearing health is destroyed. You should also check out our entire set of noise-cancelling headphones .