Concentration Noise Canceling Headphones

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Main features of the noise-cancelling headphones for concentration:

  • Double shell technology to minimize resonances
  • Double shell technology: maximum attenuation of high frequencies
  • Acoustic connection of the shell: allows the attenuation of low frequencies
  • Adjustable and comfortable padded headband
  • Sound reduction: NRR 26dB

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Do you need to concentrate on your lessons to study for your exam? Opt for our new “concentration” noise-canceling headphones to stay focused on what you are doing without worrying about outside noise. Preserve your hearing assets , avoid headaches and migraines while remaining focused. Take advantage of the silence to study for your exams, learn your lessons, read books for school or even in your other daily activities. These noise-canceling headphones are suitable for adults aged 12 to 77!

Also discover a model with high-performance sound reduction with our powerful noise-canceling headphones . Not equipped with sound input, these are passive noise-cancelling headphones appreciated for their reliability and quality of hearing protection. Also join our complete catalog of products by going to our main page: noise canceling headphones .