In-Ear Anti-Noise Headband

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Main features of the in-ear noise canceling headphones:

  • Minimal pressure on the temples
  • Optimal comfort: soft and stretchy headband
  • High performance hearing protection: Active sound input
  • Standby battery life: +35h
  • Battery life with active headphones: +14h
  • Pink color


Opt for our new generation anti-noise headband ideal for use when sleeping as a couple to avoid hearing snoring . It will make you comfortable to wear thanks to its elasticity and its surprising softness. You will be able to sleep without the need for wired headphones or earphones, with a premium quality protective headband.

Our adult noise-cancelling sleep headphones will allow you to optimize the quality of your nights in order to spend much more efficient days. Enjoy this same benefit with all our noise-cancelling headphones for sleep . We also offer all kinds of noise-cancelling headphones .