Noise Canceling Headband For The Night

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Main features of the anti-snoring headphones:

  • New generation noise-cancelling headband
  • High performance hearing protection: Active sound input
  • Bluetooth connection for call answering and music listening
  • Standby battery life: +350h
  • Battery life with active headphones: +14h
  • Pink color

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Combining high-performance protection and an adjustable headband, our nighttime earmuffs provide you with premium active hearing protection. This means that it offers sound input allowing you to cut yourself off from outside sounds. It will help prevent hearing problems as well as cases of extreme noise pollution , such as very annoying tinnitus. Its use is for sleep. This is one of the most efficient headset models of its generation. You will also note that it offers optimal comfort , to the delight of your child , allowing long-term use without any constraints.


Our in-ear noise-canceling headphones is exactly what you need if your sleep is often disturbed by unpleasant noises. To see many different designs, you can also check out all of our noise-canceling headphones for sleeping . Finally, you are also free to visit our entire collection of noise-cancelling headphones .