Bluetooth Radio Noise Canceling Headphones

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Main characteristics of the “bluetooth radio” noise-canceling headphones:

  • Bluetooth connection for call answering and music listening
  • Low pressure on the temple, ideal for prolonged use
  • LCD display for easy tuning of the radio
  • Padded headband: Thick foam for comfort optimal
  • High performance protection: NRR 29dB
  • Battery life: +30h
  • Color: Yellow & Black

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Quickly discover our “bluetooth radio” headset , a bluetooth model having all the best features of an active noise canceling headset. Thanks to its 24dB noise reduction, it strongly attenuates all external sounds that may reach your hearing . Equipped with premium quality memory foam cushions, it will surprise you with its great comfort, even with prolonged use. It's perfect for any activity you want to use it for, whether you're a student, manual laborer, remote worker, on a job site, or even a shooting and hunting enthusiast.

Do you prefer other colors than yellow? Then you can opt for our green noise-canceling headphones , a model of bluetooth noise-canceling headphones ideal for your daily activities. Thanks to Maison Sans un Bruit , choose the perfect model from all the products in our product catalog. Discover all our noise canceling headphones .