Top 21 Best Noise Canceling Headphones


You are looking for the best noise canceling headphones ? So follow our buying guide to find the one that really suits you. Whether you're a music lover, a student, a worker, a frequent traveler or just someone looking for peace and quiet in an increasingly noisy world, then you've come to the right place. In this ultimate guide, we have selected the 21 best noise-canceling headphones available on the market in 2024 . Whether you're looking for superior noise reduction or rock-solid comfort, we've found the perfect headphones for you.

Our guide will help you choose the helmet that suits your needs. Start with click on the collection that interests you in the summary at the top of the page to take you directly to the part of our article that interests you.

What is the best noise canceling headphones?

There is no "best helmet", but on the contrary, a diversity of models. Hearing protection have different characteristics that make them unique. They each have their advantages and each model is used to meet a specific need.

Here are the elements of our buying guide to take into account:

  • The function for which you want a headset (studying, hunting, office work, sleeping, etc.)
  • The person who will wear it (baby or adult, likes a simple or colorful style...)
  • The headset features you need (Bluetooth, detonation attenuation, adjustable headband, etc.)
  • The physical characteristics of hearing protection (its comfort, its robustness, its design, etc.)
  • Its sound reduction capacity (number of decibels on the NRR or SNR index)

The 3 best noise canceling headphones for sleeping

Do you need calm to fall asleep? So let yourself be tempted by our sound headphones for sleep . These are comfortable models, ideal to give you the comfort you need.

If you are looking for noise canceling headphones for sleeping , you will have the choice between a model with a headband or a headband model. These two items offer effective acoustic protection that reduces the effect of any noise pollution that could disrupt your sleep. The anti-noise headband for sleeping offers better comfort of use. This type of hearing protection is more practical and allows you to sleep peacefully without feeling the weight of headphones on your head. In addition to offering excellent sound attenuation, the noise-canceling headband also acts as a night mask. It is then presented as the perfect accessory to improve the quality of your sleep.

The best models of noise canceling headbands are made with premium materials that provide optimal comfort. They are soft and hypoallergenic. You can therefore use them even if you have very sensitive skin. Some headband noise-canceling headphones incorporate very ergonomic wireless headphones which do not create any feeling of discomfort. This model allows you to fall asleep while listening to lulling music or white noise which makes it easier to fall asleep. The noise canceling headband is also the hearing headset that offers the most choice in terms of design.


This headset with top comfort earphones offers exceptional noise cancellation to eliminate noise pollution and guarantee restful sleep.


Designed specifically for sleep, this little headband blocks annoying noises by playing soothing sounds for a peaceful night's sleep.


An affordable choice that offers effective sound insulation for quality rest.

The 3 best Bluetooth noise canceling headphones

Do you want to be cut off from outside noise while remaining connected? So opt for a wireless headset with Bluetooth 5.0 technology . You can make phone calls or listen to music without removing your headphones.

best-noise-canceling-bluetooth-fm headphones

Electronic sound-absorbing headphones with Bluetooth functionality are very versatile models. They promote both effective noise reduction, but you can also use them to listen to music, the radio or to make phone calls. With a Bluetooth headset equipped with a microphone, you can make video conferences in a professional setting with excellent reception quality and great practicality.


The wireless sound-absorbing headset is a cost-effective model that has excellent value for money due to its many possibilities of use. You can use it to sleep, to isolate yourself from noise at work and even on a construction site. The noise reduction rating of Bluetooth-enabled headsets is between 22dB and 35dB SNR . This type of noise canceling headset is available as a sleep headband model or headset with a headband.


The headphones of the headband models have protective memory foam ear cushions. They offer great comfort and can be used for a long time without creating discomfort. Their headband is also padded to maximize comfort of use. These noise canceling headphones are very easy to use. They are equipped with high-performance batteries which allow them to have a long autonomy .

The 3 best noise canceling headphones for the construction site


Hearing protection helmets for the construction site have evolved significantly in recent years. These products now have many features that allow them to offer much more than just reducing noise that is too loud and dangerous for the ears and hearing. With an electronic noise canceling headset for the construction site, you can now listen to music, the radio and easily receive calls thanks to the Bluetooth functionality. A model that has walkie-talkie functionality also allows you to improve communication on the job site. These are perfect products for companies and teams who must work cohesively on the same project.

best-noise-canceling-construction-site-bluetooth headphones

This hearing protection equipment can be used by professionals, but also by individuals who like to DIY. They offer exceptional comfort of use thanks to the ergonomic adjustment features they include. Their headphones also have foam cushions suitable for long use. In terms of design, there is a wide range of very interesting choices for the model of noise canceling headphones intended for manual workers .

best-noise-cancelling-bluetooth-construction-site headphones

When working on the construction site in a noisy environment, it is best to be well protected. For this, we offer you construction helmets with hearing protection. This way, you can easily protect yourself from physical risks, as well as sound risks!

The 3 best noise canceling headphones for babies

It is not always easy to find models adapted to the size of your newborn. At Sans un Bruit, we offer a range especially for them, with noise-canceling headphones that are perfectly suited to their size. They generally have size-adjustable headbands to adapt them to your baby's body shape.


Parents who live in a noisy neighborhood with a toddler or newborn need high-quality hearing protection headphones. The best noise reduction equipment for children offers great noise attenuation performance to protect the child's hearing system .


It is also a durable noise-cancelling headset model that can withstand extreme conditions of use. In the category of headphones intended for children, you will also find models that offer unrivaled comfort. They are designed with a soft protection system that protects the child's ears and helps them sleep peacefully .


Noise canceling headphones for children can also be used as earmuffs during cold periods. These helmets have an adjustable headband that allows them to fit firmly on children's heads. They are also available in a wide choice of designs. For this helmet, the fixing system can be a headband. For your child, you can choose headphones with a fun design to protect their hearing system, but also to give them style.

The 3 best noise-cancelling headphones for studying

It's not easy to stay calm when you're trying to study or do your homework. This is why we offer different types of headsets, including Bluetooth models, so that you can revise in the conditions you want.




The 3 best noise canceling headphones for hunting

Protecting yourself against the sound of gunshots is essential when participating in a hunting session. Protect your hearing easily with our best noise-canceling headphones for hunting, models specially designed for hunters




Bonus: The best noise-canceling headphones for work

With noise canceling headphones for work, you benefit from a reduction in external noise with an attenuation index which varies between 22 decibels and 35 decibels SNR. These models of sound-absorbing headphones have a comfortable protection system for the ears. It can be used for prolonged periods without causing irritation or pressure on the temple. The best sound-absorbing headphones for work often have an adjustable headband. These noise reduction accessories include different audio input features. You can connect them with your phone using Bluetooth functionality. These noise canceling headphones also have very good battery life. If you forget to charge the headset, you can also connect it to a device (phone, computer) with the Jack audio cable .


Do you want to stay calm during your work? So adapt the noise-cancelling headphones. Discover with us the best models that will help you concentrate. They are ideal for both teleworkers and students.

Bonus: The best noise-canceling headphones for the office


To finish this ranking, discover the best hearing protection for the office. These are the models most suited to any office work. They are also suitable for students and teleworkers.


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