Electronic Noise Canceling Headphones

Why buy electronic noise canceling headphones?

Quickly discover our range of electronic headsets . Several dozen models are available to help you find the one that meets your expectations. Our collection includes noise-cancelling headphones that you can easily connect to your phone to make calls or listen to music. Some have Bluetooth functionality while others come with universal jack cables to connect to your phone.


The advantages and characteristics of our headsets with sound input and Bluetooth 5.0 connection

All our models offer incomparable hearing protection , ranging from 22dB to 35dB NRR, which means strong attenuation of any external noise pollution. In addition, as stated above, this acoustic protection is also coupled with active sound input, allowing you to cut yourself off from the world. To find the electronic noise-cancelling headset that will meet your needs, you can also browse our other collections which sort products by purpose. Some are in fact models of noise-canceling headphones for sports shooting or hunting ideal for the use of a firearm such as our 3M Peltor models for shooters while others are more suitable for construction site work, while still others are perfect for office work or reading. It's up to you to choose the best product according to your desires, and at a low price!

Discover the characteristics of our electronic headsets:

  • A connection to the outside world in all circumstances thanks to phone connection compatibility via jack cable or Bluetooth
  • Unique comfort provided by protective cushions with memory foam
  • Long battery life for our models with Bluetooth functionality
  • Hearing protection far superior to simple earplugs, although the latter can be used in addition

A wide range of headsets to listen to your music and make calls

Due to their different functionalities, our headsets are not all similar. Thus, you are guaranteed to find the model that meets your expectations whatever the products you are looking for and the noise or noise pollution you wish to avoid listening to. Buying an electronic noise-canceling headset or “walkie talkie” is now a very simple thing for anyone who wants it. What's more, you can have it delivered directly to your home, and free of charge if you live in France. Also receive our best promotions and customer benefits by email by subscribing to our newsletter. Treat yourself to the best of Bluetooth technology and acoustic protection, all at a low price and with free delivery.